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DSSA Presidents Report 2015

DSSA Presidents Report 2015/2016

The past year beside a few hick-ups was almost a complete pleasure.

Getting the unfortunate Issue between the DSSA and Prof Deepak Modi from Wits University(see report 2014 and 2015) - which even involved lawyers and the thread of legal actions -out of the way we could concentrate on more positive things.

The past year saw the birth of the Woman in Dermatology Society as a subsidiary of the DSSA with their first meeting held at the 2016 DSSA conference in Cape Town , the Vitiligo and Melanoma Society are showing lots of activities and the collaboration between the DSSA and the Surgical Society goes from strength to strength.

A further major achievement was the introduction of the courses in Cosmetic Dermatology run by the University of Tygerberg in collaboration with Dr Izolda Heydenryck , and an increasing number of other academic institutions and Private Dermatologists willing to share their expertise. This gives not only the registrars but also general dermatologists the chance to expand their knowledge and skills. This is the way forward to share our knowledge and to use all possible resources not only academic institutions but to integrate the private sector as well.

This has always been our Aim: to define common goals and work together without creating unnecessary issues and hurdles and if everybody just contributes a little bit we can achieve a lot!

So a big thank you to all my colleagues, even the ones not mentioned by name who are helping all of us to get there.
This can only improve the image of Dermatology in South Africa nationally and internationally!
There are important issues lying ahead like the ever present financial threat to medical healthcare, the threat of overregulation not leading necessarily to improvement of any services and the preservation of our independence and autonomy as dermatologists. But if there is one way the stop negative trends it is by unity without splitting our already tiny group- and it appears as we are certainly heading in the right direction there.

Last but not least a big thank you to all the members of Exco who are giving up their time to make all those things happen behind the scenes,to Dr Jonathan Smith the treasurer who keeps our finances safe and sound, and of course Dr Sarina Drusinski our secretary who deals with the lion share of all correspondence efficiently and tirelessly.

Dr Dagmar Whitaker, President DSSA August 2016